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Michael van Straten

Natural Stress Relief

Isnít it strange how stress related problems are always linked to students, young professionals and middle aged executives but no-one ever mentions stress and the over 60s?

In truth, many older people lead extremely stressful lives. They worry about finances, about their children and grandchildren, about the violent society we live in, about their health and about how long they can manage the garden, DIY, and the general chores of everyday living. Stress causes insomnia, pushes up your blood pressure and leaves you feeling generally agitated and the combination of these symptoms lowers your natural immunity leaving you vulnerable to every bug thatís doing the rounds.

Past research at Surrey University showed that valerian reduces the heart rate and blood pressure of healthy volunteers when they are artificially stressed in a laboratory. After seven days the subjects coped with a range of tests feeling far less stressed and in general more relaxed. The good news is that it didnít affect concentration, reasoning or other mental functions. Valerian is mostly used as a sleep aid, (available as NiteHerb), an added bonus. (See Lack of Sleep May Give You A Cold)

But now there is a fascinating new study using an extract of Rhodiola rosea root in the treatment of life-stress symptoms.

What is Rhodiola Rosea?

This 12 to 30 inch plant has been used since the first century in traditional Chinese medicine for its anti-aging, anti-cancer and antioxidant activity.

Later physicians relied on its value for mental well being, anti-aging, performance and general health. The "Rosea" name is due to the scent of roses when you cat the root. Also known as Golden Root, Arctic Root, Siberian Root, and Aaronís Rod, it is a member of the Crassulaceae family. This is a plant of cold climates that can survive extremely low temperatures, thrives in high altitudes, and likes rocky, dry conditions. Rhodiola is not happy with its feet constantly wet so will rot in damp and rainy situations.

This brand new study showed that the participants began to feel better within three days of starting the treatment and these improvements continued through the first week and up to the end of the study after four weeks.

We are in the midst of a stress epidemic that impacts on health and well-being, causing an increasing burden of symptoms. Irritability, anxiety, poor concentration, fatigue and exhaustion are all common and it is hardly surprising that depression often follows.

Due to the World financial crisis, work related stress is with us in astounding proportions. The latest work place studies reveal that 22% of employees are affected by the problem and that stress accounts for around 60% of all lost working days.

Women show the highest levels of stress disorders, but for both sexes this is a problem that is spread through all levels organizations. A serious side effect is the impact on heart health and long term work stress accounts for 16% of male and 22% of female heart and circulatory disease.

How important it is therefore, to find that the herbal extract of Rhodiola Rosea produced improvements in all the clinical symptoms of stress related illness? 200mg twice a day for four weeks proved safe and effective, improving the condition to a clinically important degree.

An extract of Rhodiola Rosea root is available as Vitano and you can find out more at www.vitano.co.uk

These five simple steps will help too

1. Take some form of regular exercise - it doesnít have to be excessive but anything you enjoy like walking, bowls, golf, gardening or a game of tennis will help. It gets rid of the build up of the stress-related hormone adrenaline.
2. Learn some form of relaxation technique - yoga, meditation, Tai Chi
3. Restrict your tea and coffee intake to four cups a day in total and avoid cola drinks as caffeine raises stress levels.
4. Use relaxing herbal teas - chamomile, lime, lemon balm.
5. Use plenty of calming herbs in salads and cooking - basil, sage, rosemary, lemon balm, lavender.


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