Michael van Straten
Michael van Straten

The Celebrity Shopping Trolley - Danniella Westbrook

Will Sam dance on ice or will she just melt away?

If she sticks to her healthy eating, she will be there to the end says Michael van Straten after taking a peep into Danniella Westbrook's shopping trolley.

I love Dancing on Ice and this time round there are two great reasons for me to enjoy the show. During the 1950s I used to join my cousins skating at the Wembley ice rink most Sunday mornings and never got good enough to take part in the speed sessions. I know how hard it is.

So I love watching the gutsy Danniella who has overcome her demons to give herself and her family another chance at life. It was also fantastic to see my friend Dr. Hilary – we used to share the Breakfast Telly sofa - probably the oldest ever contestant, giving the young ones a run for their money.

Danniella gets her day off to a good start with a real breakfast of Peanut butter on granary toast, coffee and orange juice, or strawberry and banana smoothie with a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes and semi skimmed milk. Peanut butter is makes a surprisingly good contribution to weight control as its slow release energy keeps you feeling up and helps avoid mid morning snacking. For a tip top start, swap high sugar and low fibre flakes for shreddies, muesli or Weetabix.

Liver and bacon or vegetable soup with crusty bread for lunch and organic roast chicken, potatoes, carrots and broccoli or shepherds pie and green beans for dinner are all excellent choices. It is a mystery to me why so few people eat offal anymore. Liver is a fantastic supplier of iron that your body absorbs very easily, the richest of all sources of vitamin A, (which is why it should be avoided during pregnancy), and it contains lots of the essential B vitamins. A good selection of veg and the potato produce a good balance of food groups.

Because Dancing on Ice means lots of training and physical exercise Danniella is eating a lot of nuts and protein bars to keep her energy levels up between meals. That's fine, but avoid salted or roast nuts and go for the high carb bars rather than too much protein.

There's no alcohol in her regime but the favourite drink is cranberry juice which she has every day. Do watch out for the very high sugar content of some juices and compensate by mixing half and half with water. The serious bonus from the cranberry is strong protection against recurring urinary infections.

Thankfully here's a young woman free from the hang ups of bogus allergy tests, so she eats everything in moderation and buys organic food whenever she can. The shopping trolley always contains organic chicken, fresh fruit and veg for the kids, biscuits, steak and organic free range eggs. It is worth pointing out that "organic" chicken, eggs or any other meat or dairy food will always be free range. But a "free range" label does not guarantee that you are buying something organic.

Danniella says her vices are; peanut butter on toast, that is definitely not a vice but a virtue; Fox's Viennese biscuits and Chocolate buttons. She says she has at least one of the three every day and I say, so what!

It has been good to see Danniella back in the Square and even better to see how much blood, sweat and tears she has invested in her skating. For her it really is true that it is the taking part that means so much more than winning.


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