Michael van Straten
Michael van Straten

The Celebrity Shopping Trolley – Mel B

Sorry Scary Spice - But The Yolks On You!

Michael spies on Mel B and her shopping.

Egg white, crab sticks, champagne, red wine, chocolate, veggie burgers and daily workouts, do they all add up to a healthy lifestyle?

I would never admit that they do, but looking at the many photos of Mel B I have to say that she is doing something right. In spite of her food habits she really does look great, and her Las Vegas peepshow photos leave little to the imagination!

On a typical day, breakfast is cooked egg whites with turkey and half a slice of whole wheat toast. Why only the white? It is the wonderful yolk that provides iron, vitamins A, B, D, E and lecithin, a heart protective substance.

Salad with chicken or prawns for lunch is good, but where are the energy giving carbs to keep her going for the afternoon?
The snacks of nuts and fruit are fine, but why on earth eat crab sticks?

They should be chucked back overboard – except that they are at best only 30% fish so you would be polluting the sea with the colouring, flavouring, modified starch and chemical preservatives that make up the rest. There may also be sugar and too much salt.

The Spice Girls first world wide hit, Wannabe, was in 1996 and unlike her chum Posh, who resembles an anorexic wax work, Scary looks better now than she did then. Her mini-mini dress at a recent film premier showed up the legs of an athlete, well muscled, firm shapely, but not matchstick skinny.

Mel’s dinner of sweet potato with chicken or fish is a nice, light evening meal with plenty of the good nutrients she needs for her hectic life. The girls’ 2007 tour was just amazing, selling out the first London date in 38 seconds. If the rumoured 2012 Olympic Games gig really happens, they will all need to build energy, endurance and strength. And at their age this means plenty of calcium to make strong bones. So come on Mel, where is the cheese, yoghurt and milk?

I am happy that this young mum does not believe in dieting and has not been talked into thinking she has all sorts of allergies or food intolerance problems. There is nothing wrong with a pizza, cheeseburger or veggie burger when you fancy one. It is what you do most of the time that is most important. I would not worry if it were a bit more than once a month that she enjoyed a chocolate.

The odd glass of Champagne cheers anyone up, some red wine is good for the heart and an hour long workout every other day is the gilt on the gingerbread of Mel’s healthy life.

Nothing upsets me more than seeing young women obsessed by image who do awful things to themselves. The beauty queen who died having buttock implants; breast reduction surgery and dieting that have left Ulrika Jonsson looking gaunt, haggard and ten years older than she is. Posh just a shadow of her old self.

I knew Ulrika when she was a secretary at TVAM and I was on the show with Anna Ford and Angella Rippon. She was so beautiful and so charming, but today I don’t think I would recognise her in the street, especially with those bee sting lips.

In the nineties, Scary, Baby, Ginger, Posh and Sporty were the most widely known and recognised group since John, Paul, George and Ringo. Thanks to her mostly healthy diet and excellent lfe style, Scary will still be the same for many years to come.


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