Michael van Straten
Michael van Straten

The Celebrity Shopping Trolley - Nicki Chapman

Born in Kent, Nicki Chapman is without doubt a child of the exquisite Kentish apple orchards. With that flawless skin, comely shape, crispness and perfect taste, I bet she has a delicate perfume too.

But is she wanted down under; has she escaped to a healthy country diet; can she be judged a winner of food idol? I have all the answers after a sneak preview of her shopping trolley and eating habits.

Nicki gets off to a better start than most as she always has some breakfast, though she doesn’t say whether it is sugar laden Frosties or whole grain muesli. Adding the odd bit of fruit helps and the occasional eggs are a nutritious bonus.

At lunch time she is often filming on location and has no choice other than whatever is available. Nicki says she loves warming soups, especially on a cold winter day, but chicken and avocado salad is a favourite when the weather is warmer. I think the location stuff is an excuse to indulge in bacon butties or a traditional catering van fry-up!

My location catering visits these days, offer an amazing selection of healthy, veggie and even vegan options as well as the heart attack on a plate delights. So fess up Nicky, after all, a little of what you fancy does you good.

I don’t quite understand the dinner choices. She says she likes quite light food in the evenings and often has fresh fish or chicken with salad or vegetables. But she hardly ever eats pasta or any other carbs at night, preferring them during the day instead. It really is better the other way round as animal protein stimulates brain activity whereas the carbs are calming and sleep inducing.

Snacks of fruit and vegetable crudités with hummus and a yogurt to boost calcium levels are fine, but what about the calcium? There is no mention of any cheese or oily fish for vitamin D. Nicki struggles with urges to eat crisps and chocolate, but does drink lots of water and not much tea, coffee or alcohol. The occasional vodka and lemonade or glass of Champagne are always a treat.

Dandelion is an excellent diuretic – something that makes you pee – that’s why it is called wet the bed in the North of England, or ’pis en lit’ in France, where the ladies queue in the market to buy pis en lit salad for their lunch. As this seems to help with Nicki’s bloating, my guess would be fluid retention and not the type of digestive bloating linked to food intolerance.

This diet is pretty healthy but good bread would be an excellent addition of fibre and B vitamins. There is probably no need to restrict her consumption, especially as bread is one of her favourite foods.

Milk, avocados, prawns, fruit and chocolate are not bad regulars in the shopping trolley, but is the milk used for anything else than the breakfast cereal? All women need a glass full, one pot of yoghurt and a matchbox sized bit of cheese, just to get the 1000mg of daily calcium. Then they need the vitamin D so they can turn it into strong bones – even more vital at her age. With her fair skin I assume Nicki avoids getting a sun tan, so not much of this vitamin is produced in her skin.

The prawns are a good start, but sardines, salmon, herrings, mackerel, mussels, oysters and all their relatives are the best food sources.

All the fizzy drinks are seriously bad news, diet or not. The gas won’t help the bloating, many have high levels of caffeine and the artificial sweeteners in the diet or lite versions, are best avoided by everyone.

Nicky, enjoy some dark chocolate in moderation, after all it is an anti oxidant and quite a good source of some nutrients. I am sure you are doing most things right as you always look great, are full of energy and seem to make those around you feel happy too. And it is just the same if you are voting them off, sending them home from Oz or showing them houses they can’t afford on a remote Welsh hillside in a force nine gale.

It must be the smile!


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