Michael van Straten
Michael van Straten

The Celebrity Shopping Trolley - Britt Ekland

Here are Britt’s answers to the foodie questions:

Describe 2 typical breakfast -
Homemade spelt muesli and quinoa milk or egg omelette with any vegetables

Describe 2 typical lunch options –
I don’t have lunch

Describe 2 typical dinner options -
Lots of green veg and chicken or fish or Steak, chips with béarnaise sauce

What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink? How often do you drink it?
Water or herb tea. All day long!

And your favourite alcoholic beverage? How often do you drink it?
Pink champagne, not often enough!

Do you have any intolerances/diet restrictions?
Soy / wheat and dairy

Which items do you always stock up on at the supermarket?
No stocking up except washing powder as I buy everything fresh. I do stock up on spelt pasta from the health food store though.

Would you say you eat healthily? Why?
Yes – because I never veer off this diet unless for a special occasion. If I don't eat healthily I don't feel good. I think that if more people listened to their bodies they’d be healthier

What are your 3 top food vices – how often would you say you indulge them?
I don’t really have any food vices although I do love those blueberry muffins you buy at motorway cafes. I often buy them when I am touring!

Michael Says:

What on earth is it with these famous women? Are they all off their trolleys?!

Being the same generation as me, I expected the fabulous Britt to me better informed and more sensible. Sadly it seems she too has fallen under the spell of the new wave lunatic fringe of health gurus. It is obvious that these bogus charlatans can only make an impact when they come up with some eating theory that is more extreme, bizarre and unhealthy than any of the others.

Homemade spelt muesli and quinoa milk! I ask you, what link has that got to anything remotely resembling real food? Happily the other breakfast choice is a whole egg omelette with vegetables and though there are no essential low GI wholegrain carbs with this choice, it is a step closer to normal eating.

Skipping all food at mid day is not good news. The stomach is constantly producing acids that need to be neutralized by digestion to prevent inflammation of the gastric lining. As the brain needs a regular supply of blood sugar and low levels can also affect the rest of your metabolism, eating even a small amount of quality food at lunch time plays an important role in both mental and physical wellbeing.

Fish, chicken and more green veg, or steak and chips are both ok, but the Béarnaise sauce was a bit of a high fat surprise – but do keep it in.

The herb teas are great and so is the water, but best of all is the pink champagne as it is a real good mood food.

This is a terrifyingly rigid regime and seems devoid of fruit, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, root vegetables, nearly all grains and cereals, dairy products and consequently many essential nutrients.

I understand that Britt has had a problem with thin hair since her twenties and is now taking Nourkrin, a specific hair supplement. I know a great deal about this all natural remedy, as an old friend and Bucks Fizz star, Cheryl Baker, told me how much it helped her hair problems some years ago.

There are many reasons for hair loss; stress, the pill, diet, childbirth and so on. Nourkrin can provide a nutrient boost thanks to its protein and mineral content.

Two common factors in hair problems are a lack of iodine and low iron levels. Both are frequent in young women, as are hormone problems. Eat more fish and take a kelp tablet each day too. More iron rich foods and citrus fruit for vitamin C which helps absorb iron, are vital. If you are allergic to soy, try extracts of New Zealand clover and use sage in cooking to help the hormones.

Soy allergy is one of the more common, but REAL allergic reactions to wheat and dairy products affect around 2% of the population, not the 20% who have been told by the bogus testers, quack nutritionists or diagnosed themselves. Electronic computers in health shops; swinging pendulums; muscle testing; analyzing spots of blood or locks of hair and especially irisdiagnosis are all a waste of time and money and lead the gullible into diets that do not support good health.

After all this, Britt’s one food vice is a love of motorway café muffins. These have to be the worst type of indulgence, full of sugar, bad fat, refined flour, preservatives, colouring, artificial flavours and mountains of sugar. What happened to the wheat allergy?

At her age, Britt needs to take better care if she wants to protect her bones, feed her skin and hair, avoid heart and circulatory disease and above all, enjoy a long, healthy, active and happy life.


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