Michael van Straten
Michael van Straten

A Passion for Fruit

The recipe for strawberry fayre is from Super Juice
published by Mitchell Beazley
The rest are all from Super Duper Juice
also published by Mitchell Beazley


Most fresh fruits are exceptionally rich sources of the protective phytochemicals and the darker the colour the higher

the ORAC score and their anti-oxidant protective properties. Strawberries have the additional benefit of helping to

relieve the inflammation of inflammatory joint disease.

10 medium strawberries
2 kiwi fruit
2 passion fruit
150 g blueberries
2 pears
1 apple

Vital Statistics:
Kiwi fruits are uniquely rich in both vitamin C and vitamin E, both protective nutrients, and strawberries have an amazing

ability to increase the body’s elimination of uric acid, a substance that is highly irritating to inflamed joints in gout and

arthritis. Second only to prunes, blueberries are weight for weight the next richest of protective anti-oxidants.


Cranberries are an amazing fruit and were probably the reason that the early Pilgrims survived in America. Used by Native

Americans for centuries as both food and medicine they were introduced to the first settlers as the way of avoiding

scurvy. They're not the sweetest of fruits but combining them with strawberries and orange juice makes this a very

refreshing drink.

450g / 1lb cranberries (thawed if previously frozen)
100g strawberries
100ml freshly squeezed orange juice

Vital Statistics:
Cranberries are an extremely rich source of vitamin C but they have other even more important properties. They contain

natural substances that prevent bacteria from attaching themselves to the walls of the bladder and urinary tract, which

makes them both a treatment and a powerful preventer of cystitis and other recurring urinary infections.


Power needs movement and if your mobility is restricted by painful joints this strange sounding mixture of fruits and

vegetables really will help to ease the pain, improve mobility and allow you to utilise your body's innate energy.

4 carrots, topped & tailed
8 strawberries
2 ripe tomatoes
bunch watercress
small handful parsley, leaves and stalks
4 leaves kale, including stems

Vital Statistics:
As well as the normal nutritional content that you'd expect like betacarotene and vitamin C, the strawberries help

reduce joint inflammation, the phytochemicals in kale are both protective and anti-inflammatory, and the parsley is a

gentle diuretic which helps increase the excretion of joint-damaging uric acid.


Figs come very high up the list of vitality foods. As Adam and Eve used fig leaves to cover their modesty, they must

have eaten the figs and I've never understood why they bothered with the apple! For many the fig is a sacred tree and

the very earliest of Olympians were fed masses of fresh figs for vitality, strength and stamina. Juiced together with the

other fruit this is a fabulous tasting drink with maximum vitality rating.

450g / 1 lb strawberries
200g / 7oz blueberries
2 ripe figs
1 pear
half a lemon

Vital Statistics:
As well as containing a natural anti-cancer agent, healing enzymes and a chemical which improves digestion, figs are an

excellent source of iron, potassium, betacarotene and energy. Strawberries and blueberries are also highly protective

against many diseases and thanks to their high fructose content, a valuable source of sustainable energy and vitality.


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