Michael van Straten
Michael van Straten

The Celebrity Shopping Trolley – Cheryl Baker

I worry about what Cheryl Baker puts in her trolley

She may have gone from Pop star to Opera star, but does her shopping trolley make Cheryl a Food star? I say ”Null Point” to our Euro Vision winner.

I took a close look at Cheryl’s diet back in 2004 and at that time my verdict was that she had great eating habits and a well balanced, mixed diet of oats, nuts seeds, yoghurt, meat, fish, home grown vegetables, milk, cheese and fruit.

It is not quite as good now, but perhaps the 0 score is a bit too harsh.

Breakfast is porridge or a poached egg on granary toast. And this is a pretty good start to the day with protein and slow release energy to keep her on the go all morning. The porridge should be made with milk and yoghurt added on the egg days.

Lunch is usually a ham salad sandwich on granary bread or lentil soup with a slice of granary bread. Whole grain bread would be a better option as it provides much more of the essential fibre and none of the chemical colourings in Granary. Salmon, tuna or sardines would be a vastly superior filling in the sandwich, providing Omega 3 oils, iodine, much less salt and no artificial preservatives or colours.

When it comes to dinner options it could be grilled salmon, asparagus, Sweetcorn and broccoli with a small a small portion of brown rice; or roast lamb, loads of veg, 2 roast potatoes and gravy. Here are two great meals but why a small portion of rice? My only reservation are the roasties! Get rid of the saturated fats by cooking them with rape seed oil (by far the best for cooking as it has an excellent omega 3:6 balance), in a separate dish with a sprig of rosemary.

Snacks of nuts and fruit with lots of water to drink are excellent, but the squash is not a great idea when diluted pure juices are so much better.

Cheryl thinks all natural foods are healthy and she is right but who on earth has brainwashed her into thinking that the rare Crème Brulée and roast potatoes are a vice? And peanuts, as long as they are not salted, are cheap nutritious treats and extremely healthy. Even peanut butter can help you feel full for longer and so contribute to a weight loss programme.

My greatest concern is the total disappearance of cheese and most other dairy products from Cheryl’s shopping trolley since I last looked into it. At her age she is a prime candidate for osteoporosis, and although she is very fit and does lots of weight bearing exercise, the greatest protection comes from calcium in the diet. Supplements are not nearly as effective as dairy products and the myth that cheese is unhealthy will be the cause of serious suffering for many women and some men too.

I have worked with Cheryl and she is one of the most outgoing, charming and energetic people I know, so I hope she puts back those missing ingredients. Diet programmes like Jenny Craig will help lose weight, but meals delivered to your door are not always the healthiest option. The menus I looked at seemed devoid of significant quantities of calcium – the daily requirement is around 1000mg. Also, at £70 a week they are not cheap; I could feed a family of four on a very healthy and delicious diet for that.


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