Michael van Straten
Michael van Straten

The Celebrity Shopping Trolley - Brigitte Nielson

The Celebrity Shopping Trolley - Brigitte Nielson

This month I asked Brigitte Nielson what ended up in her trolley when she went shopping:-

Describe 2 typical breakfast options
One toast, brown /white, one boiled egg, one slice of ham and/or light cheese. Second day can be: one toast, with ham/cheese, bowl of cereal, with fruit.

Describe 2 typical lunch options:
Any pasta with a light sauce. Chicken salad, with tomatoes, nuts raisins, and if possible half an avocado. (all this with half a piece of bread)

What do you snack on?
I would love to say always apples and pears, which I so love. But I will allow myself a piece of cake, every now and then.

What are your favourite non-alcoholic drinks? How often do you drink them?
I love diet-coke or Pepsi. I drink that all the time, which I know is a big mistake. I will also have fresh squeezed orange juice, when possible.

Do you have any intolerances/diet restrictions?
Yes, I do not drink alcohol.

Would you say you eat healthily? Why?
Yes, because I cook what I eat, I can’t fool myself. I have become quite good at cooking a good meal without drowning in useless calories.

Which 5 food items do you always stock up on at the supermarket?
Chicken breast / turkey breast / nothing wrong with frozen vegetables such as peas, peppers, cauliflower when you can’t have them fresh every day.

What are your top 3 food vices - how often would you say you indulge them?
Diet coke, chocolates, ice cream. I can’t say how often. I drink diet coke every day, I might have 2/3 ice creams a week, 2 chocolates a day.

So, what do I think about Brigitte’s shopping and eating habits?
Well, here is an astounding woman. Not only is she stunningly beautiful, talented, 6 feet tall and highly intelligent; she is also a great survivor.

Five husbands, including Sylvester Stallone, four sons, a film, TV and recording career, an accomplished linguist, writer and friend of Presidents, she ended up an alcoholic. After rehab in 2007, Brigitte took part in a reality TV series about her drink problems and how she overcame them, then wrote a book re-discovering her life. Now her healthy eating, (mostly), is well on the way to repairing the damage.

Breakfast of an egg, toast, ham and low fat cheese, or ham, cheese and a bowl of cereal is fine, but just adding a tomato for vitamin C would mean absorbing much more of the iron. She is still getting a third of the protein needed for a day plus B vitamins and essential zinc and selenium.

Lunch choices are equally sensible and delicious. She has either pasta with low fat sauce; a mixed salad with cold chicken; avocado with nuts and raisins; and always some good bread. Here is lots of protein for cell growth and repair, vitamins, minerals, not much saturated fat and good carbohydrates. I am delighted to see women eating an avocado, so many think they are fattening because they contain oil. In fact they are a Superfood for all you ladies as the fat is heart friendly monounsaturated and they are rich in vitamin E, the ultimate skin nutrient and wrinkle fighter.

In between snacks may be extra healthy apples and pears but a slice of cake here and there is no problem. Not many people know that as well as eating an apple a day keeping the doctor away, just inhaling the aroma can lower your blood pressure.
Brigitte has realised that one secret of healthy eating is to cook, for as she says, you can’t fool yourself when you do the cooking. Her top five trolley items are a great choice and it is true that there is nothing wrong with good quality frozen veg. In fact they can be much richer in vitamins than the stale produce hanging around in a warm shop.

As for vices, a couple of chocolates a day can be pretty good for you, even more so if it is dark chocolate, and why not enjoy ice cream from time to time, as long as it is good stuff and not cheap junk food full of animal fat and chemicals.

The diet Coke and Pepsi is a whole other story. These drinks are seriously bad news, but even more so for a woman of Brigitte’s age. At 47 the menopause is a factor and with it comes the risk of osteoporosis – brittle bone disease. These drinks add to the risk as they block the absorption of calcium. To make matters worse, a period of excessive alcohol consumption means the possibility of thinner bones, so please stop the colas before you have the first fracture!

The one major food group missing from this diet is fish, all of which are an important source of nutrients, but the oily fish are almost the only place to get substantial quantities of the omega three fats. These are vital for brain function, mental development and for their anti-inflammatory and protective actions. Not that I think there is anything remotely wrong with Brigitte’s brain!


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