Michael van Straten
Michael van Straten

The Celebrity Shopping Trolley - Lisa Scott-Lee

Maybe it’s because she was born on the 5th of November and in Wales, that this sparkler ended up as a singer, but there aren’t many damp squibs in Lisa’s shopping trolley.

Breakfast is usually Bran flakes and sliced banana with a glass of fresh orange juice, so she has already had 2 of the essential 5 a day. But why bran flakes? Weetabix has less than half the sugar, less salt and more than twice the fibre, or try cholesterol-lowering porridge. However, poached egg on wholemeal toast when it is going to be a busy day, provides plenty of protein.

For me, lunch is a genuine fire cracker! The prawn and avocado salad or spaghetti in olive oil with Parma ham that Lisa makes for herself and son, Jaden because has lots of protein, omega 3 fatty acids, good carbs and loads of antioxidants from the avocado. I will never understand why so many ill-informed women avoid avos because they think their fattening. They are one of the great Superfoods for women.

Dinner is a bit of a rocket too, as fish with veg or chicken stir-fry like granddad used to make, are two nutritionally good choices. Low in saturated fat - I hope you take the skin off the chicken first - and an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Her son gets to snack on great dried cranberries and strawberries that they sometimes share, but do watch out for the high natural sugar content and clean the teeth after snacking. But fish sticks! Apart from a lot of salt, who knows what else is in them. To me, they are the turkey twizzlers of the fish industry and a real damp squib. Why not make your own little fish balls, keep in the fridge and use them as nibbles between meals? Try my easy recipe, but use less of the green veg and very little spring onion, then make into small, golf ball shapes that your son would enjoy.

Follow this link for the free recipe:
Michael’s Tuna Or Salmon Fishcakes

How right Lisa is to drink water for her skin, it not only keeps it healthy, but will help with many skin problems, and avoids the enormous sugar content of canned drinks, up to ten teaspoons or more per can, or the questionable artificial sweeteners and the high levels of caffeine.

Lisa likes to eat bread, but finds it can make her feel bloated, so she takes DigestHerb so she can still enjoy it without that bloated feeling. This fantastic natural medicine is the only registered herbal remedy containing artichoke extract and helps with various digestive problems, including IBS, indigestion, wind, bloating, overindulgence and may even lower cholesterol.

Curry is her main food vice, though why she should think that, is beyond me. Yes, you have heard about the appalling amount of salt in some supermarket curries, but homemade or good restaurant curry is an excellent choice. Turmeric, the main ingredient, is a spice that protects against stomach cancer.

Does Lisa really think that millions of Asian women stop eating curry when they are pregnant or breast-feeding? This is one of the great modern myths of motherhood.

I have seen the fantastic, moving and beautiful naked photos of Lisa when she was eight months pregnant. Obviously, the occasional bit of chocolate or a biscuit with her cup of tea has not done this dazzling firework display any harm at all.


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