Michael van Straten
Michael van Straten

The Celebrity Shopping Trolley - Janey Lee Grace

"Her shopping trolley has to be one of the most scary I have seen", says Michael.

Oh dear! Janey Lee started as a singer backing many famous artists like George Michael, Kim Wilde and Boy George, even touring the world with Wham! Now she is a BBC Radio 2 DJ with Steve Wright and a burgeoning "Health Guru" and author. But why on earth didn't she follow in the really healthy footsteps of Kim Wilde?

Yes of course it is great to be green, something I have done and promoted since the 60s. And yes, I was there and I do remember but years of treating patients taught me that extreme diets, unproven allergies and intolerances can be a disaster.

Janey's breakfast of Green smoothie - apple, spinach, celery, lemon, and avocado with a spoonful of Spirulina and Viridian oil would be just as good without the spirulina, a much hyped product with no scientific merit whatsoever. Yes it does contain protein and vitamins, but to get any meaningful amounts you would need to eat kilos of the stuff. At £2 a day, it would be better to use organic oils that you would have in the kitchen anyway.

Fresh coconut, apple, dates, grapes all whizzed together with live yoghurt is a great start. My book Superjuice has been a world wide best seller so you know I'm a great fan of juices and smoothies, but don't muck about with them.

Lunch is raw 'no cheese cheesy balls' - made with cashew nuts, lemon, garlic, chives and Himalayan salt with a huge Superfood salad. Fine, but why leave out the cheese that provides the best and most well absorbed form of bone building calcium that she needs at her age? It can't be milk allergy as she eats yoghurt. And Himalayan salt! What's wrong with Maldon or Welsh sea salt?

Raw sweet potato soup (with carrot, avocado and lemon) gently heated, with rye bread and salad is excellent, but the nutrients from most root veg are better absorbed if they are lightly cooked.

Fresh salmon with green beans and salad make a super supper as does butternut squash casserole with veg, though I hope there are some beans or lentils for the protein.

Janey snacks on bananas, apples, Juice bars, Bounce snack bars and raw chocolate, none of which are bad. But food vices are fish, chips and peas, (twice a year) and egg custard tarts, which she almost never eats and wishes they were healthy ! How wrong can you be? Fish, chips and peas can be great, just use good, fresh oil, no salt and you get no bad fats, lots of protein, minerals and vitamins.

Let's compare custard tarts with "healthy" snack bars:
In 100g, snack bars have 426 calories; custard tarts 277.
Bars have 24.5g sugar; tarts 12.8;
Bars have 18.4g fat, tarts 14g.

And an added bonus - custard tarts also contain nutmeg, the fantastic feel good, happiness spice.

Janey Lee thinks she's allergic to Quorn - in her opinion a hideous man made fungus. She may be, but nearly all allergy tests are bogus and worthless, especially those done in health stores testing acupuncture points, any that test your hair, muscles, look into your eyes or dangle pendulums over you. If she uses Switch Off, recommended on her web site to stop food allergies and intolerances, she is fooling herself and anyone else who buys it. There is no evidence that it works. Sorry, testimonials don't count.

She aims for 60 per cent raw food and drinks fresh juice daily and has lots of fruit and veg. I am not sure why she limits wheat and gluten, but drinking less coffee is sensible.

Organic eggs, almonds, porridge, bananas and oat milk are the five healthy items always in the shopping trolley and seasonal organic veg are delivered weekly. But I have seen it all end in tears before – a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, especially when giving well meaning health and nutritional advice to the sick or the worried well.


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